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7 unconventional tips to reach Google AdSense zen

Alberto Giacobone

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Google AdSense is “the” monetization program on the web and you can find lots of – official and not – guides and specific tips and insights: here’s something a bit different, a little food for the mind made out of 7 tiny bits easy to digest …

We are curious, what’s your favourite? Pick one and share it in the comments! 🙂

Avoid the clutter: too much is, well, you just read it… Too much! Often it’s better to drop an ad and improve the flow rather than squeezing that extra cent per single visit.

E.g. Do you really need that extra ad unit?

Bring some balance back in your page and improve the user experience, you’ll be amazed at the results!



Colors: it’s really about experimenting! Blending’s good, but you want ads to be noticed as well, right?

Apparently, some crazy combos can bring surprising results… Experiment!



Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who are into broccoli, but if you’re not, let’s face it: they’re not on your grocery list, right? Well, go for them: get out of your comfort zone and give them some room in your life.

Do the same for Analytics, A/B experimenting, Reading Learning of TOS, Program Policies and all those boring things that actually make a difference!

Not fun? Play the game long enough, and you’ll discover its beauties, guaranteed!



To really understand what’s going on, get a good grasp of each and every aspect: are you factoring everything?

Get closer to important details and get a clear understanding.

Did you split channels properly? Did you use proper ad space sizes in your layout? Only then, step back and look at the big picture: it will be much more meaningful!



Do you find yourself doing borderline experiments a bit too much? Teach yourself a lesson before someone else does: turn off your AdSense ads for a day ( or just a few hours, it’s really up to you! ) and mark the date on a calendar.

Then, whenever you find yourself thinking along the lines of “oh well, I could get away with this” , go back to that day and the burning feeling of loss you experienced: it really should help you hold your horses when you’re tempted to run a bit too far!



We all have limited resources, and most of the time we could make more out of them. Is it better to focus on squeezing an extra 5% out of an already good enough performer or put your efforts on breeding new potential champs?

Stop regularly and review how you invest your time, it’ll pay back huge dividends!



If you’re wearing shoes at the moment, I’m positive you’re wearing something that fits you, and it’s most likely comfortable.

But your shoes are not your user ones, so how about some changes? Figure yourself with different shoes, that you would never otherwise wear, and get in the “persona” of your site visitors.

Walk their steps, breath their need / wants, and adjust your layout and ad spaces accordingly, you’ll go much farther and increase your results. Now walk on!


Here’s a slideshare version, for your viewing comfort! 🙂

[slideshare id=25477891&doc=adsense-7-unconventional-tips-by-axura-130822030307-phpapp01&w=640]